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The esoteric voodoo magic.

The plot, the riteon weight loss with out pain ful diets. 

The resultof weight reduction lasts 4-6 years.

  • Clairvoyance. Viewing the future. Viewing the situation.
  • I have developed a method of losing weight with the help of voodoo.
  • Conspiracy to weight loss without dieting, pills. No need to look after themselves. The body itself will do everything for you.
  • After payment of the work and conspiracy after 3 weeks you will begin to lose weight dropped weight back is not reached. The result lasts about 4-6 years.
  • Conspiracy to weight loss of 10 kilograms - the cost of 40,000 rubles, or $ 680 or 620 euro
  • 10 kilogram you lose over a period of 1 to 1.5 months.
  • Conspiracy to weight loss of 20 kilograms - the cost of 70,000 rubles, or $ 1190 or 1090 euro
  • 20 kilogram you lose over a period of 2 to 3 months.
  • Conspiracy to weight loss of 30 kilograms - the cost of 100,000 rubles, or $ 1700 or 1550 euro
  • 30 kilogram you lose over a period of 3 -4.5 months 
  • Conspiracy to weight loss, restores the metabolism in your body. And you will lose weight.
  • To work is necessary. What would you have paid the amount of weight you want to lose.
  • Also, I need you dumped me for two or three photos on
  • e-mail or Vudu.koldun@ya.ru
  • WhatsApp, or 79990424223
  • Viber, +79990424223, or
  • Skype, Vudu.koldun
  • In addition, please write to me on e-mail every three weeks like you are losing weight.
  • Once you have paid the weight will drop, too, ask to report it.

You can use any convenient money transfer system you WesternUnion.ru or MoneyGram.com  or any other money transfer system of money transfers, these are in every city and in every country of the world.

This to transfer money

Danilenko Georgiy

Russian city of St. Petersburg

If you made a payment in this way.

After payment you'll need to send me: PIN translation, Last Name Sender.

The city from where the money was sent, the exact amount.