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Business magic. Magic help with the work and deeds.
Amulet and conspiracy to money and luck.
The plot is on the money.
Conspiracy luck.
Plot for success in business.
Plot on business promotion.
Rite in the promotion of the project.
Rite for promotion at work and fast career growth.
The ritual for good luck in the transaction.
Rite of winning the tender or contract.
Help in the work. Help in business.
Rite to increase sales in the firm, company.

Amulet and conspiracy to money and luck.
This work is worth 35,000 rubles, or $ 595 or 540 euro

It requires a photo of the customer and it is desirable to name his name (it is not necessary.)
Brief description of how to make money on the plot, good luck. Kindle the sacrificial fire. Before the fire to offer sacrifice to the spirits, is taken as a sacrifice a live chicken. It carried out a special ritual before a fire that took the victim to the spirits. When taken out of the ashes of the fire that is used for the manufacture of the two amulets and a special ceremony is held on these amulets.
Production work will take 3-5 days
Further charms are sent to you by express delivery 3-8 days.
The result you away; for 2-3 weeks after receipt of amulets.
This work is valid for 4-5 years.
For example, a similar plot taken with the black magic is done for 3 years.
At the end of the action outcome, this work can be repeated, but only 3 times in a lifetime customer.
The result will be.
All the undertakings in the business will be successful wakes you carry around with regard to finances and work.
The money will literally stick to you, any ideas, business initiatives will turn out and bring excess profits.
What would you not undertake the work, finances wakes you accompany financial success.
Note: if you make a conspiracy, and will not do or anything, it will not help you.
The plot works only if a person does something. If you make a conspiracy, and do not wake after work, do not try to wake tends to do something, but'll only lie on the couch and wait for it to fall down you money. In this case, you will not help this work and washed the throw on the job then there is no money. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
The plot is on the money, luck worth 35,000 rubles.
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