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Black magic. Magic Voodoo. Voodoo. I love magic. White magic. Magic homosexual. Help. Help homosexual. Return of a loved one. Back to the family. Restoring relations. Love spell . A strong love spell. Love spell voodoo.  Black magic Love spell.


Рay for this service

Strong Love spell voodoo (doll).

 This work is worth 40,000 rubles, or $ 680 or 620 euro

After payment you will need to throw me an email or Vudu.koldun@ya.ru
WhatsApp, 79990424223 or Viber, +79990424223, or Skype, Vudu.koldun necessary data to work with.
For work, I need to photograph a person you want to bewitch and your photos.
If you have not got a photo then I need to be Name Surname day month year of birth and city of birth of you and your loved one.
Dale is best to duplicate the address where the courier package should come with a doll.
After the payment and receipt of relevant information. I will begin to work, to conduct a ritual to make puppets.
Dates that this work takes 4-8 days. After that I will send by courier EMS parcel to you. Delivery is made within 1-7 days depending on where you are.
Once you get the doll wakes visible results within 1 - 5 weeks depending on the complexity of the situation.
If you'll be ordered to work without a photo This work awakens cost 15,000 rubles or $ 238 or 215 euro more.



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This to transfer money


Danilenko Georgiy


Russian city of St. Petersburg


If you made a payment in this way.


After payment you'll need to send me: PIN translation, Last Name Sender. The city from where the money was sent, the exact amount.