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Hello, I voodoo sorcerer. BLACK MAGIC. I love magic. White magic. The real, professional, guaranteed, paid assistance. I hereditary sorcerer in the sixth generation in the female line. I do, with most issues in the shortest possible time. A huge experience of working with people with different sexual orientation.
Phone +79990424223 www.lovemagic-voodoo.ru


You can use any convenient money transfer system you WesternUnion.ru or MoneyGram.com  or any other money transfer system of money transfers, these are in every city and in every country of the world.

This to transfer money

Danilenko Georgiy

Russian city of St. Petersburg

If you made a payment in this way.

After payment you'll need to send me: PIN translation, Last Name Sender. The city from where the money was sent, the exact amount.